How Integrated Security & Video Analytics Software Can Help Decrease Theft, Increase Efficiency & Optimize Workflow at Your Facility

Installing cameras at your office or facility is important. But once you’ve invested in having CCTV cameras installed, how are you going to use the recordings to add value to your office?

When investing in security technology, discussing why you want the equipment and what you are trying to do with it is the most important detail in the whole process.

Sure, you want to make certain that you are covering the areas at your office and building that matter most:

  • Entrances
  • Parking lots
  • Areas with valuable inventory
  • Areas with high traffic or rate of incident

But, what is the objective and why are these areas important?

One of the first questions we have for prospects looking for security cameras is, “What made you decide you want cameras?”

We hear all kinds of answers – theft, suspicious employee activity, liability . . .

Sometimes, the answer is as simple as, “I know I’ll just feel better if I have them up”.

Often times, the why is the single most important detail for a professional security project. By addressing the reason for install, we are able to make sure you get a superior product but Andromeda can also help develop a solution that adds real value, real ROI.

That focus on providing value and return on investment brings us to today’s topic –

How Integrated Security and Video Analytics Software Can Help Decrease Theft, Increase Efficiency and Optimize Workflow at Your Facility.

First, let’s look at what Video Analytics Software is.

In a nutshell, video analytics software tracks video data recorded by cameras and enables automated monitoring of people, vehicles and objects within a camera’s view.

This is a powerful toll you can add to your integrated security arsenal. It transforms visuals collected by your camera system into influential data you can use to improve functionality at your building/facility.

To better illustrate how this works let’s walk through an example.

Picture a manufacturing or distribution center with high volumes of product and a few key issues they need to address:

  1. Theft: Items are mysteriously disappearing from the warehouse.
  2. Shipping & Receiving Issues: trucks are forced to wait in line to access delivery bays which causes unnecessary expense.
  3. Liability: due to employee incidents (dropped pallets, forklift related accidents and other damages), insurance premiums are rising.

This building originally wanted cameras so that they could have an eye on activities in the warehouse. This is a great first step – but as you know, having the recordings doesn’t mean you have a way to use them for positive change at the facility.

Honeywell's Video Analytics Software: Active Alert®

Honeywell cameras were installed at designated locations but to truly add value and solve the issues the management team faced, Honeywell’s video analytic software Active Alert® was also installed to begin tracking patterns and monitoring activity at the warehouse.

Within the first month, the Honeywell Active Alert® detects several trends in the facility. Once these trends were identified, management adjusted:

  1. Theft: Facility managers designated high volume/traffic areas for camera placement. After compiling data, the source of theft was identified as pallets leaving the facility via pickup trucks after hours. By setting alarms and configuring the analytics software, any time a pickup truck approached the docks after pickup/delivery hours, an alarm sounded. The trend was identified and the culprits were caught.
  2. Shipping & Receiving issues: the operations team decided on checkpoints and installed cameras along the routes into their shipping and receiving areas. After compiling data, it became clear that drivers weren’t taking the shortest routes in and out of the facility which led to backups and confusion. The operations team invested in signs to help drivers get in and out of the facility quicker and reduced waiting time and charges by over 40%.
  3. Liability: The warehouse management staff knew they had to address forklift incidents. Cameras were installed and new routes/directional guidelines were implemented for movement in the warehouse. Additionally, employees were fined or rewarded for their incident records. At first, drivers incurred fines but word spread and within the first 9 months of tracking movements, the facility was able to lower its insurance rates because they had documentation of decreased incident/injury rates.

This warehouse knew it needed cameras. The management team knew they needed to prohibit theft, fix the shipping & receiving backups and lower their insurance premiums. Because this facility chose to work with a team of professional security experts, they got a solution that provided value well beyond recording equipment.

If you’d like to discuss your security concerns and how integrated security enhancements can provide real ROI, give us a call at the office.

To learn more about Honeywell’s Active Alert® video analytics software, find more information here.

And for a more in depth view on how Honeywell’s Active Alert® works in relation to warehousing and distribution centers specifically, take a look here.

If you are ready to talk to a Honeywell professional, let us know.