The Layered Security Approach and Your Businesses Physical Security

Securing a business takes many different factors into account. There are many different ways criminals, disgruntled employees and wrongdoers can try to steal from you. Additionally, with the increasing demand and dependence on the internet and technology, business owners and professionals have a whole new security concern when it comes to their data networks and IT.

With threats coming from all angles, how do you go about securing your building and your business from threat? Unfortunately, when it comes to security, most any solution you put into place has limitations.

For example, a burglar alarm system is a great way to make sure that you know when people come and go from your facilities but a burglar system alone can’t show you the face of a criminal who breaks in.

Similarly, a professional security camera system can tell you who is coming and going out of your building with footage, but it won’t alert the authorities to an intruder and it can’t lock or unlock the doors in your building(s).

So – what can you do to make sure that you are covering your bases and protecting yourself from these weak spots in certain security solutions?

At Andromeda Technology Solutions, we recommend applying a Layered Security Approach across your organization. This strategy applies to your physical security but should also be applied to other areas of your business such as IT, Data and Cybersecurity as well.

What is Layered Security?

Layered security solutions is nothing new. This strategy has been used for thousands of years by militaries across the globe.

A great illustration of this approach lies within the walls of the medieval castle. If you consider all of the different methods medieval defense systems used to protect those inside, you’ll begin to understand how powerful layered security can be.

The important factor to consider, is that any single defense strategy comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, a typical castle minimized its entry and exit points. To do this, castles would build large outer walls with one main entrance/exit. Sounds good right? But if that was the only defense, an invader would only need a way to scale the walls safely right?

So, castle defenses included walkways and guards who could prevent armies from scaling their walls.

Once you add a moat, inner walls, drum towers, draw bridges, inner gates, outer gates, archers etc. you created quite the fortress.

Layered Security Castle Fortress

All of this is to say that you need to be aware of the strengths/weaknesses of each security component at your offices to make sure that you have yourself as secure as possible.

3 Common Physical Security Layers for Your Business

1. Professional Burglar Alarm Solution & Monitoring

As mentioned above, a burglar alarm and burglar system are key to making sure that you know what is going on when you aren’t at your office. Burglar detection can help you tap into who is in the building after hours. Each of your employees can be assigned a unique access code to identify who is coming and going. Additionally, a time log can be kept to make sure that you know when employees come and go as well. Last but not least, professional burglar solutions can send information to your email or smartphone so that you get alerted of any and/or all activity you’d like.

While the burglar solution can tell you a lot about the activity of your staff, you have no way to actually see what is going on at the office with a burglar alarm. You also can’t lock/unlock your facility remotely.

2. Professional CCTV Camera System

Security Cameras can help you make sure that you have a visual of what is going on in the office. There are many reasons you want to have a visual. While a burglar alarm can key you in on an intruder, without CCTV cameras, you have very little chance to identify who the criminal was.

Your security camera solution will help you monitor employee activity as well. This will help prevent employees and visitors from leaving with inventory, valuables or data. Security cameras cannot keep crime from happening, but simply having them on site and making sure people know they are there will hopefully make any wrong doer think twice.

Security cameras give you recordings of what happens under their watch but they don’t offer your business any added security when it comes to locked doors/controlling who can go where in your building.

3. Professional Access Control Solution (Keyless Entry with credentials)

Our third most common security measure for your business is professional access control or keyless entry. Adding this solution to your office gives you the opportunity to control your business entry and exit points. These solutions are customizable so you can pick and choose which doors have access control installed. You give each of your employees (and even your vendors) a key fob or ID card and that is what they will need to enter secured doors.

Taking things a step further, you can actually create specific zones in your buildings, only giving access to the employees who belong in each zone. For example, you can secure your server room so that only select staff/vendors have access. This is a great way to protect expensive equipment, confidential records/data and more.

Similar to burglar alarms, access control can lock your building down, but you don’t have the ability to see any unwanted activity or visitors with this solution alone.

All of these solutions have their own strengths and weaknesses but when you combine these three you create a robust layered security plan for your facility.

And the examples above don’t even take into consideration the enhancements available to you with proper integrated security.

Some examples:

  • Integrate your cameras with your access control system and take a photo when an employee/vendor swipes their key fob
  • Integrate your access control and burglar solution so that your burglar alarm disarms or changes status when the appropriate key fob or code is entered into the access control system.
  • Add artificial intelligence to your security cameras so they can recognize suspicious activity and alert you or the authorities

The security measures explained in this article are the most common but they aren’t the only options available to you.

If you’d like to discuss security at your building and how your business would benefit from a layered security approach or integrated security solution, give our office a call at (815) 836-0030 or send our team an email at