3 Reasons Not To Buy Professional Security Cameras Online

We’ve all seen professional security camera systems on sale online and at the big retailers. Systems with 10+ IP cameras on sale for less than 5K on Amazon or other large online retail databases.

And if you haven’t seen these systems, don’t go looking them up unless you are looking to install them at home – and even then, we’d suggest doing so with caution.

It is understandable that you might be tempted to purchase one and install it at the office. There are so many tempting options to choose from like wide angle, thermal, wired, wireless, smart, CCTV and also voice integrated cameras.

But while the price tag associated with these systems appeals to you, there are some big things to consider and reasons that these systems appear “too good to be true”.

Let’s dive in . . .

In some cases, you don’t really know where a professional security camera systems come from and if they might be infected.

Over the last few years, cyber criminals and hackers have gotten very creative in new ways to infiltrate your life and business.

There have been numerous incidents of professional security cameras purchased online preloaded with malware. This malware can be used to hack into a system and see what is going on in the business or even at your home.

That is some seriously creepy and scary stuff!

Even worse, since most of the systems sold online are IP based, they are connected to your network. If you install an infected system that is like giving a hacker or cybercriminal the keys to your server and saying, “have at it”.

A professional camera system purchased online probably won’t have the same warranty or manufacturer guarantees.

While an upfront investment in a professional camera system will surely be larger, you are also purchasing professional installation and in most cases a product with a professional quality warrantee as well.

For example, Andromeda is partnered with Honeywell and when we install a professional camera system for you it comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee (meaning we will come back to make minor adjustments if you find that your view is off or a piece of equipment is faulty), and a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

You are also offered a service agreement that includes all maintenance, cleaning, updating and any equipment swaps. This type of regular maintenance leads to a longer lasting and better functioning system all around.

When you buy a system online . . . you’re the one stuck installing it.

Now, we aren’t questioning whether you are handy or capable of doing it yourself, but installing professional security cameras can be a pretty big job.

Depending on what type, there may be wiring required, a power supply must be available, you have to mount the equipment, and you may need to program the system and many other details.

Andromeda staffs professional engineers and service technicians to take care of this for you and when it comes to your business, you want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing things were properly installed.

On top of installation itself, the systems sold online are often manufactured by little known brands overseas. This means that if something goes wrong you are often on your own. Local service companies and professionals won’t be able to come out and trouble shoot for you.

With a lack of service available, the lifetime of your equipment tends to be much shorter than professional alternatives.

We understand that a camera system and installation may seem like a pretty big expense, but as with many other technologies and services, you want to make sure you aren’t putting good money into a bad solution.

You may save up front, but the risk of much larger costs down the line simply doesn’t outweigh the benefit.

Let us know if you are ready to discuss the security of your business.