3 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Professional Integrated Security

Because smart phones are so handy, they are an extremely simple tool to use for your integrated security. What would you do to get peace of mind that everything's going well at your business while out of the officeWith mobile accessible security solutions, you can access and even respond to your security system from nearly anywhere with an internet connection and your smartphoneHere are 3 of the top benefits of having an app as part of your overall security system: 


View Surveillance Footage from Anywhere at Anytime 

Whenever you want, you have access to view footage of your office, warehouse or business. This gives you peace-of-mind and lets you rest easy. It is live feed directly from your cameras. You can even rewind and re-watch clips as needed. You can choose one camera feed to view or multiple cameras to view at once as well (options vary depending on your system).  

**Pro Tip - Some systems also offer the ability to take snippets of footage and share with other members of your organization 


Make Adjustments To Your Security Solution Remotely 

There are a variety of adjustments you can make from your mobile device on modern security systems.  

A few examples include:  

  • Adjust focus of cameras at your facility remotely  
  • Disarm your alarm or burglar system remotely  
  • Lock or Unlock access points controlled by your keyless entry system  
  • Enable or Disable devices connected to your integrated security system (I.e. lights and/or sensors)  


Receive Notifications 

Receive real time alerts when the security system is triggered. You will know the minute an alarm sounds at your facility. Then you can view the video feed to see what is happening and if it is something serious.  

Of course, if it is a fire alarm or break in the police or fire department will already be notified.  

If motion sensors are triggered, you can receive a notification and act. You can also set up notifications to let you know every evening at a certain time if your alarm has not been armed for the night or if the lights were left on. 

The beauty of the modern security solution paired with mobile applications is that your solution and response are tailored to your business, your wants and your needs.  

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